Wednesday, 27 April 2011

The Kunkelstube

Things are really getting going at the Schoolhouse. The Kunkelstube (from the German word meaning spinning circle) will be run by Lizzie. The meetings will take place in the Chapel at the Schoolhouse every Wednesday evening from 7pm.

Bring your crafty projects and we can spin some threads and tales together. The craft circle invites beginners to experienced crafters and encourages participants to share skills, stories and ideas. Lizzie is experienced in quilting, embroidery and knitting (and a little crochet) so if you need help with your projects come along. It will be $5 to cover the cost of some light food. BYO drinks. xx

And don't forget SHOW + TELL!! Very excited... only a week and half to go!...

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

The Plot Thickens

Mitra's friend Matt dropped around a trailer load of delicious dirt today! Coupled with the mulch and straw that Sarah and Matthew got from Holbrook, we have the ingredients for some pretty lush garden beds!

Some bubblelogy has been happening at the studio in preparation for a surprise at SUGAR MOUNTAIN festival Get your tickets!! It is this Saturday at 2pm. There will be music, art, projections, bubbles, dancing... so much dancing! x

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Monday, 18 April 2011

Hit Refresh

Schoolhouse Industries

Welcome to our Chapel, a multi-purpose arts space that we have lovingly restored from a carpeted room to floorboard fabulousness! After getting down on our hands and knees with some citrus paint stripper and scrappers we removed the mucky residue that glued the former carpet to the floorboards. It was still too sticky too walk on so we hired the sander and Alice and Elizabeth paced up and down the room grinding away the glue.

Sarah has been hard at it cleaning the windows and steam cleaning the remaining carpets. Her dog Vronsky can be seen at the end of the hall way...

And finally people are moving in and making work! Watch this space!

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Role Call

Hello friends! Here we are in blog land, introducing you to our amazing new studio in Abbotsford, Melbourne. We are home to 25 artists. We will be slowly introducing you to them over the coming weeks. For now we have prepared a few photos of our labour of love on this lovely old Steiner senior school building that we now inhabit.