Tuesday, 14 June 2011


                    We all enjoyed a beautiful sunny winters day on Saturday for the second
                     Show and Tell at Schoolhouse. Everyone was in very good spirits despite a large 
                     evening at RAOB GAB on Friday night.
                                    Ceiba Tree goodness.

                                 Elizabeth has been busy making precious little houses to sell.
                                 There is even a miniature Schoolhouse Studios.

                            Beth in her amazing Justin Bieber outfit selling hand woven necklaces.

                               Ella's Pot Luck  Preserves

                                Cieba Tree Hectapus and a couple of Alice's jars
                                 Lovely Melissa
                                 Ella and Mitra
                               Pot Luck scented candles.
                            Ella and her Pot Luck preserving equipment in her beautiful studio.
                             Martha Betty caused most of us to leave the market broke
                             due to her amazing spread of vintage clothes.
                               Marnie and Katie - many say they look like sisters.
                               Marni's beautiful hand made jewellery.

                                 New tattoo...nlnl

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