Tuesday, 26 July 2011

An Appointment with J Dark

Feeling misrepresented?
Or perhaps misunderstood?

Martyrdom got you down?
Tale to tell?

Untold passion maybe?

J Dark can help...

An Appointment with J Dark is a new One to One site specific performance event by triage live art collective.

One to One performances – one audience member, one performer – are immersive participatory events which subverts traditional notions of performance and investigates performer and audience risk, relationship & responsibility.

triage create intimate and social live art events that allow strangers to encounter one another in disarming, playful and sometimes confronting ways. we're interested in awkward moments and enjoy hijacking existing social structures to bring people together.

We see live art as an opportunity for dialogue between people from all walks of life.  our projects allow participants to think and speak about things that matter to them; the things they may not usually talk about. we also like to reveal the beauty in the ordinary and the everyday.

we think of art as good medicine.

An Appointment with J Dark
by triage live art collective
Melanie-Jame Walsh – Writer/Performer
Katerina Kokkinos-Kennedy – Director & Dramaturge



J Dark will be holding appointments in the Chapel and around the Schoolhouse hallways from Saturday, July 23rd- Sunday, July 31st

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Dream of pictures

Schoolhouse studio resident, Rachel Feery has a solo exhibition coming up next week at Blindside Artist Run Space in the Melbourne CBD.
'Dream of pictures' is an audio visual video installation work that draws from pseudo-spiritual imagery associated with alterative realms and outer bodily experiences.
Presented as a dual projection, the subject featured drifts between worlds. Imagery of sunsets, waterfalls, clouds and grandiose oceans provide rapturous imagery that the subject is lost in. A minimal soundscape produced by Ed Gould is a mix of a relaxation tapes and atmospheric samples heightening the kitsch-ness of fantasy.
Dream of pictures captures a sensual sense of emotion through an overlay of sublime scenery to render the subjects very own world.
It is a contemplative work where the subject departs from actuality. It is a sensual and medatitive space. Its intention is to depict dreams and fantasies that may not exist in the subjects day to day life.

'Dream of Pictures' Opens 6-8pm 28th July
Runs until 13th August 2011

Nicholas Building  level 7  room 14 37 Swanston Street  Melbourne  Victoria  3000
Enter via lifts in Cathedrale Arcade corner of Flinders LaneOpening Hours 12-6pm Tuesday to Saturday

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Meet Glenn and Sneak Peak at some spaces...

 Elizabeth's studio in the morning light

 Meet Glenn... one of our very talented new Classroomers.

The Orchard is growing...

Tuesday, 12 July 2011


Cardboard Utopia is on display at the ACMI lightwell with the last day Friday 15th July.
The installation build by kids is also being documented each day to become a stop motion film
where the city builds and expands. 

Monday, 4 July 2011

Cardboard Utopia

Lisa and Rachel from Schoolhouse are running Cardboard Utopia for children and the young at heart! which runs until 15th July 2011. 11.00am-3.00pm Monday to Sunday at the ground level of ACMI in the lightwell. It's free too!

Day one photos below.