Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Show + Tell Words and Pictures

Last weekend we had our Show + Tell garage sale market, open studios and live performances in the Chapel in the evening. It was such an amazing day. The photos are evidence!

Alice's awesome coaster collages

Blake from Two Bright Lakes

Antonia of Ceiba Tree

Barnaby of Project Freerange

Alice at Hand Drawn House

Lizzie and Nate with Otis in the background at the Polyester Records table

Lizzie's little houses and cards

Nate and Otis spinning tunes on an old record player

Rachel of Short Play Publications

 Lara and Ella selling awesome clothes

Brendan Welch kicked off the evening with his beautiful set.

The Harpoons got the crowd dancing!

 Ending the night with the wonderful Icy Poles...

Thanks everyone for an amazing day! See you next time.

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