Saturday, 25 June 2011

Broadsheet love Gemma's sewing classes!

 Broadsheet love Gemma's up coming class at the SHS so do we!....

Here are the details...
Project: Totally Awesome Winter CAPE!

Time: 10.30am - 12.30pm commencing Saturday 23rd June

Location: School House Studios, 97 Nicholson Street, Abbotsford

You do not have to own a sewing machine to participate, as machines will be provided.

Cost: $105 (for all three classes)

Preparation: If you already own a machine, become familiar with it. At first, learn how your machine's tension works. Try sewing a neat straight line, then try sewing a neat circle. Try and find the reverse function on your machine. Try threading your machine, and refilling your cotton spool. You will soon realise that most machines are similar.

What to bring: 
·  3 by 1.5 Metres of warm fabric for the outer side of your cape. I would suggest 100% pure wool.
·  3 by 1.5 Metres of light fabric for the inside of your cape. I would suggest 100% pure cotton.
·  A pair of sharp fabric scissors.
·  A fabric pencil.
·  A box of pins.
·  Cotton which matches your fabric colour
·  A clasp or button to close your cape. I would suggest a button similar to that used on a duffel coat.
Session 1:
·  Layout and cut out all fabric / pattern pieces
·  Learn how to lay out pattern pieces (with out wasting fabric)
·  Straight / bias grain awareness
·  Reading a pattern
·  Notches
Session 2:
·  Sewing on hood
·  Pin and sew outer edges, zig zag cut and press
·  General stitch machine skills
·  Reinforcing stitches
·  Stitch tension.
·  Reading a pattern cont:
·  Reading notches cont:
Session 3:
·  Pressing edges.
·  Sew the opening closed.
·  Sew on clasp
·  Neat finishing
Helpful places to visit: The fabric store on Brunswick street have some nice fabrics, or you could try Clegs on Elizabeth street in the city, or Spotlight on Sydney Road, or Lincraft on little Collins Street.

BRUNCH of muffins, pastries, freshly ground drip coffee orange juice will be provided!
If you would like to reserve a place, please let me know.

G E M M A  P A T F O R D
+61 439 423 959

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