Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Dream of pictures

Schoolhouse studio resident, Rachel Feery has a solo exhibition coming up next week at Blindside Artist Run Space in the Melbourne CBD.
'Dream of pictures' is an audio visual video installation work that draws from pseudo-spiritual imagery associated with alterative realms and outer bodily experiences.
Presented as a dual projection, the subject featured drifts between worlds. Imagery of sunsets, waterfalls, clouds and grandiose oceans provide rapturous imagery that the subject is lost in. A minimal soundscape produced by Ed Gould is a mix of a relaxation tapes and atmospheric samples heightening the kitsch-ness of fantasy.
Dream of pictures captures a sensual sense of emotion through an overlay of sublime scenery to render the subjects very own world.
It is a contemplative work where the subject departs from actuality. It is a sensual and medatitive space. Its intention is to depict dreams and fantasies that may not exist in the subjects day to day life.

'Dream of Pictures' Opens 6-8pm 28th July
Runs until 13th August 2011

Nicholas Building  level 7  room 14 37 Swanston Street  Melbourne  Victoria  3000
Enter via lifts in Cathedrale Arcade corner of Flinders LaneOpening Hours 12-6pm Tuesday to Saturday

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